We’re Not Cancelled!
We Have Gone Virtual

We’re Quarantined Live on Phins To The West

Friday June 5th 07:00 P.M. EDT, 06:00 CDT P.M., 05:00 P.M. MDT, 04:00 P.M. PDT
Saturday June 6th 03:00 P.M. EDT, 02:00 P.M. CDT, 01:00 P.M. MDT, 12:00 P.M. PDT

In light of COVID-19, Team Phins has chosen to act responsibly and
protect all of us by having PTTW 2020 go virtual!
All of us know that we are not good at social distancing
when we are together and we are certainly not going to let no virus stop us
from enjoying the PTTW events and the Trop Rock Music!

So let's enjoy PTTW 2020 together separately!
Join Team Phins on Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th
to convene and intervene in this quarantine
and watch this Awesome event on Phins To The West Facebook

View our memories of Previous Events HERE

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